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Basic Letter Sounds - Phonics I Flash Cards - 36 Flash Cards - Very Good

Basic Letter Sounds - Phonics I Flash Cards - 36 Flash Cards - Very Good

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Very Good - Excellent quality. May have very minor imperfections that may or not be visible to the eye. Minor use.

Unlock the power of phonics with Basic Letter Sounds Flash Cards! These 36 flash cards are pre-owned and in excellent condition, re- for your protection. Perfect for young learners, these cards make learning letter sounds fun and easy. Start building reading skills today!


Consider these numbers:
There are, at the very least, a quarter of a million distinct English words.
The average first grade student has a vocabulary of 1,000 words.
The average college graduate possesses a vocabulary of 5,000 to 6,000 words.

What tools do we require in order to increase our vocabulary? How is it that the average adult can come upon a tenebrific word and be able to read it?

We are able to read because we practice phonics. We are able to decode written words by identifying the sounds represented by the letters and then we blend those sounds together to reconstruct the word. Phonics is the foundation for literacy and has been used to teach reading for 6,000 years.

The Basic Letter Sounds - Phonics I Flash Cards provide a good introduction to basic letter sounds. Each letter is represented. Each vowel is represented by 2 cards, one for the long sound and another for the short. The letters C and G are represented by two cards, one featuring the consonant's hard sound and another for its soft sound. Additionally, this set features 3 digraph cards featuring "ch", "sh" and "wh". The front of each card is brightly illustrated with an appropriate example of the sound being taught. The letter/sound and related words are listed on the back of each card. Give your child a jump on reading!

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